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Tillerson's Sweet Nothing's to Turkey. Israel & Syria. Lavrov insights

Tillerson went to Turkey.  He said he'd work on the Manbij situation... "work on it"
Yah, yah! There will be a 'working group" which will begin working no later then mid march- That's a whole month away............ 

Sweet Nothing's ..... affectionate but unimportant or meaningless words spoken to a "lover" (or not)

 Manbij: "It's geographically important. That's why the US has left a troop presence in Manbij to ensure that that city remains under control of our allied forces and does not fall into the hands of others," Tillerson said. "So that will be a topic of discussion in terms of how we go forward to ensure Manbij remains within our control because of its strategic importance."

He said the working group on Manbij will begin work no later than mid-March.
If you've been a long term reader here you know that the US has been paying lip service to the Turks regarding Manbij for a long, long time now. Going back to the Obama administration!

Covered August 2016- Yup, August 2016- 18 Months ago

flashback: Turkey: US to Keep Manbij Promise? 3 Step Road Map: Assad Stays. Cooperating with Iran & More

 1st: US, Keep Your Word on Kurd Withdrawal from Manbij:
Çavusoglu said: "The U.S. and the President Barack Obama personally promised that PYD members in the SDF would be withdrawn to the east of the Euphrates River. Now the U.S. must keep its promise, and we expect them to. We are maintaining our communications regarding this matter."
Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu reminded U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday that he had personally made a promise to withdraw the Syrian PKK affiliate Democratic Union Party's (PYD) armed People's Protection Units (YPG) to the east of the Euphrates once the Manbij operation
No reason to believe US sweet talk regarding Manbij all this time later- I don't believe it. Quite certain Turkish leadership isn't buying the LIE either. Why would they? 

The US says they will stay in Syria's Manbij
US-Turkey relations were frayed over a number of issues recently, namely the US' continued support for the YPG and the US troops in Manbij in support of YPG. The US promised Turkey it would withdraw the YPG from the city after Daesh was defeated, but it has been one-and-a-half years and the YPG is still in Manbij. 
YPG is the Syrian affiliate of the PKK, which is designated as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the US and EU and has been fighting the Turkish state for more than 30 years.

Janes- Analysis of Syrian S 200 Survival Undermines Israeli retaliation claims 

Saved this yesterday- today I'm getting a 404 error- wonder why?
My saved images are good.. 

Analysis: Survival of Syrian S-200 undermines Israeli retaliation claims
Jeremy Binnie, London and Sean O’Connor, Indianapolis - Jane's Defence Weekly
16 February 2018

Sat image showing intact s-200 complex
Assuming map released by IDF
Key Points

   The IDF said it destroyed Syrian SAM systems after an F-16I was shot down on 10 February
    An important S-200 complex appeared to be undamaged after the engagement

A map released by the IDF on 11 February shows Iranian and Syrian targets that it said were hit the day before in retaliation for a UAV incursion and the shooting down of an Israeli F-16I fighter. It implies that both S-200 (SA-5) sites in southwest Syria were hit. (Israel Defense Forces)A map released by the IDF on 11 February shows Iranian and Syrian targets that it said were hit the day before in retaliation for a UAV incursion and the shooting down of an Israeli F-16I fighter. It implies that both S-200 (SA-5) sites in southwest Syria were hit. (Israel Defense Forces)

Satellite imagery showing one of two S-200 (SA-5) long-range air defence systems in southwest Syria was not neutralised on 10 February raises questions about the effectiveness of Israeli airstrikes on that day.
 Link- The United States Could Be on the Verge of Fighting Turkey in Syria

I personally believe the US and Turkey are and have already been fighting in Syria. Mentioned that last year.. I just love the admission included in this piece that the US supports terrorists
This means sometimes we support terrorists, which usually have turned out to be al Qaeda affiliates. This is because al Qaeda shares an interest with the U.S.: both of us want to destroy the Islamic State. (it's not quite that clear cut, except the US does support terrorists)
Turkey has been helping us fight the Islamic State, but has also been fighting our Kurdish allies in that fight. (Kurdish "allies" who are actually PKK terrorists, who also intermingle with ISIS which still means.... the US supports terrorists)
Russia has been helping Assad fight the rebels, who again are backed by the U.S.(and the US supports terrorists, again!) military. Our confrontations with Russia have become much more frequent. In fact, Russian military contractors might have been part of a recent attack on U.S. military advisers in Syria.
Iran has also backed Assad with weapons. It’s fighting a proxy war with the U.S., and, yes, Israel, which has recently launched attacks into Syria.
Iraq is fighting the Islamic State, too, but Iran is also influencing that fight and doing its best to destabilize the Iraqi government and army.
Russia and Turkey have an uneasy alliance, mostly because of oil resources and transport. Turkey controls the Bosporus Strait, which connects Russian Black Sea ports to the rest of the world. (talked that point up incessantly)
Last December a Turkish citizen (was it a Kurdish Turkish citizen?) assassinated the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, in Ankara. He said he did so in the name of Syria.
Turkey just wants the Kurds to go away. We want the Kurds to stay strong.
But Turkey also doesn’t want the Islamic State carrying out any more attacks there. Last year on New Year’s Eve an IS-inspired attacker shot up a nightclub in Istanbul.
Russia props up Iran’s nuclear program. It needs cheap oil from Iran, and really from all of these places.
So it seems that in all of this, a U.S.-Turkey conflict, a direct confrontation between two allies, would complete some sort of weird circuit. The region, obviously, can’t sustain that, because things are bad enough there. The risk of escalation is high, as is the risk of misunderstanding leading to greater conflict. The more that people start shooting at each other, the more difficult it becomes to tell who’s on your side.
At this point, the United States is looking pretty lonely. At least we’ve got a reality show host at the helm.
The US isn't looking lonely at all... they're looking imperial. And dangerously irrational.

TASS- Lavrov stated this a short time ago, he said it again this week ... I've said it for years

 "They [the United States] seem to be seeking to isolate a vast part of the Syrian territory from the rest of the country in violation of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity," he said.

"A US taskforce and other units are illegally staying in Syria, without any invitation from Damascus (the legitimate government) or a United Nations Security Council mandate," he added.

Lavrov speaking some more
Washington has been staking on Syrian Kurds, supplying Kurdish groups with weapons and ignoring Turkey’s position, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Euronews television channel on Friday.

Turkey’s position, in his words, is that some of Kurd groups operating in Syria are branches of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is listed as a terrorist organization in a range of countries. "Turkey has repeatedly said it would do its utmost to prevent the Kurds from taking control of the border between Syria and Turkey," he said. "Despite that, the Americans have been arming, I would say, heavily arming, Kurdish units totally ignoring Turkey’s position. From the very beginning of their activities in Syria, the Americans have been staking on Kurds and turning a deaf ear to Turkey’s protests."
 Exactly! You may recall Tillerson's other lie was that America hadn't 'heavily armed' the PKK so they didn't have anything worth taking back from them..... Suuuurrreeeeee.  Gee I wonder how it is the PKK/YPG are shooting down helicopters and destroying tanks ? Must be all those AK's? (facetious) At least Lavrov is giving us the straight goods here!

"A couple of months ago, the United States suddenly announced its plans to establish 30,000-strong, mostly Kurdish, force to safeguard the border security zone between Syria and Turkey," Lavrov said. "Later on, they made clumsy attempt to disavow their own statements that facts indicate the this disavowal did not change their intentions. Then, Turkey announced what it announced (on January 20, the Turkish military launched the Olive Branch Operation near Syria’s Afrin, home to about 1.5 million Kurds and refugees from other Syrian regions)."
According to the Russian top diplomat, Turkey’s operation in Afrin was no big surprise for him. "Washington was simply turning a deaf ear to Ankara’s repeated warnings," he added
Recall me saying I couldn't understand all this claimed surprise at Turkey's move?
One can never be certain, of course(unless privy to insider info) but to think Turkey was never going to secure their own border??? 
Makes no sense. 

*I covered the “border force” creation January 7/2018 US Plans to Recognize Annexed Syrian Territory as Kurdish

*Monday, January 15, 2018: Russia, Turkey & Syria Condemn US Creation Of Kurdish “Border Force”

Bullbiscuits to the nonsense of the US not supporting Afrin based PKK/YPG

Flashback : US Considers Air Support To Afrin Kurds- 2016

"The US military will look into the possibility of supporting from the air the Afrin Kurds’ advances in northern Syria against Daesh, Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters on Wednesday.

© Alexandr Sherbak/TASS
MOSCOW, February 16. /TASS/. Washington is seeking to isolate and cut off a vast part of Syria’s territory, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Euronews television channel on Friday.
"They [the United States] seem to be seeking to isolate a vast part of the Syrian territory from the rest of the country in violation of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity," he said.
"A US taskforce and other units are illegally staying in Syria, without any invitation from Damascus (the legitimate government) or a United Nations Security Council mandate," he added.
"Obviously, the United States has some strategy, which, I think, is geared to keep its military presence in Syria forever," he noted. "They are seeking to do the same in Iraq and in Afghanistan, in spite of all their previous promises."


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Breaking: Six People Hospitalized After Turkish Gas Attack?

I don't believe this claim at all.

That said, it was was almost predictable that the PKK/YPG would make this claim

After Tillerson's visit- where nothing was resolved between NATO allies this was predictable!
Looked as if Turkey was making advances in cleaning house of terrorists on their border
Factor in the distraction of yet another school shooting.
Macron's constant threatening. 
The US continuously playing the chemical weapons card...
With an ice pack tied to my carpal tunnel we go

Lie/Propaganda via sputnik
"Reports have surfaced that a Turkish chemical weapon attack in the Northern Syrian city of Afrin has hospitalized six civilians. The Turkish military is doing battle with US-backed Syrian Kurdish militias over control of the border city.
The Kurds in question are members of the People's Protection Units (YPG), a militia that formed the bulk of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who have acted as US proxies in Syria.
On Tuesday, Turkey accused Kurdish forces of using chemical weapons against their Syrian allies in the Free Syrian Army, injuring 20. Although allegations of the use of chemical weapons have been commonplace during the Syrian Civil War, the Kurds have rarely been accused of such war crimes.
The YPG denied the report, arguing that Ankara and the FSA were trying to "fabricate a cover for their fiasco in the north of Afrin." They added that the Turks had launched a chlorine-gas attack against the Kurds, but hit the FSA instead.
The Daily Sabah, an independence Turkish outlet, then reported that no such chemical attack occured, and the FSA had instead inhaled smoke"
More details to follow

 Daily Mail
Six men were treated for breathing difficulties in the main hospital in Afrin in Syria late Friday after shelling by a Turkish-led offensive on their village, a medical source and a monitor said.
Jiwan Mohammad, the general director of the Afrin hospital, said six men had arrived to the emergency room with "difficulty breathing, coughing, and burning all over the body."
"We have treated them and are observing them now. We kept their clothes for testing," Mohammad told AFP, adding that their symptoms were in line with exposure to toxic agents.
He said they had arrived in civilian cars from Al-Sheikh Hadid, west of the town of Afrin, and had told medics there was shelling on their village.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported that six people were wounded in bombardment on Al-Sheikh Hadid.
"Shelling from either Turkey or allied factions hit Al-Sheikh Hadid and left six people with enlarged pupils and breathing difficulties," Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.
Abdel Rahman said he could not confirm whether toxic gases were used.
What's the world coming to when SOHR won't even verify this claim?

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Illegal US Bases In Raqqa, Syria- Canadians/Brits/French/US Occupiers

As the US makes permanent it's occupation:
Inside Syria Media Centre:

Inside Syria Media Center has obtained information on the location of U.S. military bases which are illegally located in Syria.

1- Muhammed Faris military base is located in Syria’s At-Tabqa (28 miles south- west of Raqqa city). Currently, it has military personnel from the U.S. (22), France (12) commanded by U.S. Sergeant Scott Suaima. The primary task of the unit is to monitor government troops’ movement and Kurdish forces in the region, as well as training the Kurds.

The second U.S. military base is also located in Syria’s At-Tabqa. It has servicemen from
Canada (12), Austria (17), and the U.S. (44) commanded by Erik Butnar from the U.S. Marine Corps. Its main task is to coordinate the activities of the U.S.-led Coalition in the Governorates of Raqqa and Al-Hasakah.

3-Another military base, Ain Isa, hosts combatants from France (35),  Britain (35), and the U.S. (73) commanded by Jason Afrashid. There are also deployed 6 Abrams tanks, artillery and mortars. The base has a runway strip. The base is used to control the air situation in Raqqa Governorate with the help of radars, observe and photograph the activities of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), and to cooperate with Rumeilan base in Hasakah Governorate.
Of course the Canadians are present in Syria- of course! Not that I had ever doubted it

flashback : US Creates Yet Another Base in Syrian Annexed Territory: SDF/PKK

flashback : US Increases Military Posts in Kurd Annexed Syria: Vindicated Again

etc., I've talked and written to the point of exhaustion about American bases and plans to annex Syria- along with the duplicity of the PKK/YPG- years and years now 

earlier today:

It's not "mad" to question the hidden power of the global elite

Extremely important and dam interesting

Harvards Darkest Secret: The JeruSALEM Witch Trials & Mass Hysteria

It's not "mad" to question the hidden power of the global elite

The Guardian had an interesting oped- I can take a pass on most of it.

Here's the basic concept: Julian Baggini is a British philosopher

"Questioning the hidden power of elites – whether big pharma or secret societies – is really quite sane"
Of course it's sane. That's why you and I are here. But questioning alone doesn't go far enough.
Accepting this reality and then making appropriate changes is key

"The wrong moral to draw from this would be that anyone who sees hidden power being influenced is crazy. Rather, we should see the Hellyers of this world as the price we pay for being willing to question the manifest order and to expose the secretive interest groups who seek to manipulate the world for their own benefit.
When we dig for the truth, we flirt with madness. But in a world where hidden power is all too real, it’s the only sane thing to do."

I don't think digging for truth is flirting with madness-

I do think digging for truth is living in reality, being sane and can be empowering.  

Anything else is just mass delusion.

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Harvards Darkest Secret: The JeruSALEM Witch Trials & Mass Hysteria

You know the witch trials in JeruSALEM, Massachusetts? It seems they have a connection to Harvard and the Royal Society. Curious?

 Salem, Massachusetts in "New Israel" has the same last five letters as Jerusalem, The claimed capital of  "old" Israel.
Massachusetts- The Puritan State 

I didn't expect to find this interview as interesting as it was. As I listened it was as if a common thread was weaving all these disparate bits of accumulated knowledge into more complete and realistic rendering of history.

Thanks to Jan @ Gnostic Media for providing this information so freely for us all to enjoy!


flashbacks from the blog:

Peer Review = Conspiracy

Myth of White Privilege.... Particularly this link: Jewish Slavery in the Caribbean

Still more info:  New Israel / New England  & Puritans More Jewish then Christian 

Increase Mather, father of Cotton Mather : President Harvard University 
Increase Mather

Term of office: Acting President, 1685-1686; Rector (a unique title), 1686-1692; President, 1692-1701

Cotton Mather

Cotton Mather

Cotton Mather, FRS (February 12, 1663 – February 13, 1728; A.B. 1678, Harvard College; A.M. 1681, honorary doctorate 1710, University of Glasgow) was a socially and politically influential New England Puritan minister, prolific author, and pamphleteer. He left a scientific legacy due to his hybridization experiments and his promotion of inoculation for disease prevention, though he is most frequently remembered today for his vigorous support for the Salem witch trials. He was subsequently denied the presidency of Harvard College which his father, Increase Mather, had held.

Information provided by Jan @ Gnostic Media

John Hannah- Foundation for Defense of Democracies: US Representative to Syria

Word is this person, who could only be an Israel firster, is set to be appointed as the US special representative to Syria. Why do I think John Hannah is an Israel firster ?

* Because the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies is a hawkish Israeli first think tank. 
* Trump is an Israel firster as is every US administration/President. 
* Everything in the region where the US is involved revolves around benefiting Israel

flashback: Turkey/Halkbank: The Biggest (Conjured Up) Sanctions-Evasion Scheme in Recent History

And no organization has been better at providing this kind of intellectual firepower than the little-known Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a relatively small Washington think tank that is devoting itself to defeating the Iran deal.
FDD also describes itself as a global research organization. Its purpose, it says, is to conduct “research and provide education on international terrorism—the most serious security threat to the United States and other free, democratic nations.” But it has conducted its research from a particular vantage point and with a relatively narrow focus. Its research and advocacy have centered on the Middle East and in particular on conflicts and issues that impinge on Israel. And its positions have closely tracked those of the Likud party and its leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—not just on the Iran deal, but on the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians and the desirability of a two-state solution. Understanding the think tank’s ideological affinity with the Israeli government, and the roots of that affinity
"The Trump administration is expected to name John Hannah, a onetime aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, as its next special representative for Syria, two people familiar with the decision said Wednesday.

Hannah, who was Cheney's national security adviser, also worked in the State Department during the Clinton and first Bush administrations. He is likely to be named to the post in the coming weeks, according to the two individuals, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to publicly discuss the appointment.

Most recently, Hannah has worked as a senior counselor at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. The Washington-based think tank is close to the Trump administration and advocates hawkish policies on national security, and especially on Iran, whose growing influence in Syria has been a major concern for the United States and Israel."

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Smart Phone Data Tracking is More Then Creepy

It's much more then creepy- It's complete and total surveillance

Surveillance defined :

1- a watch kept over a person, group, etc., especially over a suspect, prisoner, or the like

2- continuous observation of a place, person, group, or ongoing activity in order to gather information:

Last paragraph first:

"These possibilities are not distant or hypothetical – they exist now. Smartphones are effectively surveillance devices, and everyone who uses them is exposed to these risks. What is more, it is impossible to anticipate and detect the full range of ways smartphone data is collected and used, and to demonstrate the full scale of its impact. What we know could be just the beginning."
 From the beginning:

"These records aren’t just a log of our activities. The digital profiles they create are traded between companies and used to make inferences and decisions that affect the opportunities open to us and our lives. What’s more, this typically happens without our knowledge, consent or control.

New and sophisticated methods built into smartphones make it easy to track and monitor our behaviour. A vast amount of information can be collected from our smartphones, both when being actively used and while running in the background. This information can include our location, internet search history, communications, social media activity, finances and biometric data such as fingerprints or facial features. It can also include metadata – information about the data – such as the time and recipient of a text message.
Each type of data can reveal something about our interests and preferences, views, hobbies and social interactions. For example, a study conducted by MIT demonstrated how email metadata can be used to map our lives, showing the changing dynamics of our professional and personal networks. This data can be used to infer personal information including a person’s background, religion or beliefs, political views, sexual orientation and gender identity, social connections, or health. For example, it is possible to deduce our specific health conditions simply by connecting the dots between a series of phone calls.
Different types of data can be consolidated and linked to build a comprehensive profile of us. Companies that buy and sell data – data brokers – already do this. They collect and combine billions of data elements about people to make inferences about them. These inferences may seem innocuous but can reveal sensitive information such as ethnicity, income levels, educational attainment, marital status, and family composition.
A recent study found that seven in 10 smartphone apps share data with third-party tracking companies like Google Analytics. Data from numerous apps can be linked within a smartphone to build this more detailed picture of us, even if permissions for individual apps are granted separately. Effectively, smartphones can be converted into surveillance devices.
The result is the creation and amalgamation of digital footprints that provide in-depth knowledge about your life. The most obvious reason for companies collecting information about individuals is for profit, to deliver targeted advertising and personalised services. Some targeted advertisements, while perhaps creepy, are not necessarily a problem, such as an advertisement for the new trainers you have been eyeing up.
Read the rest at the link

Aldous Huxley wasn't warning us. He told us what was planned. He presented this dystopia as an outsider. He laid out the scheme. He said this was going to happen and we'd enjoy it, though if we had control of our full faculties (in our right minds) we wouldn't. And he was correct. I won't say he was right as opposed to being wrong.He was correct to state that people will consent to their scientific caste system.
How else to explain the obsession with the smart phone that goes way, way, way beyond the often claimed 'convenience'?